Through an NSF Grant, in collaboration with SIO and Birch Aquarium, the San Diego Science Project organized and facilitated a lesson study team of five high school teachers.  The teachers were from San Diego Unified School District and represented Lincoln, Crawford, and SCPA high schools and taught chemistry and biology.  Dr. Lisa Levin and Dr. Greg Rouse, research scientists from (SIO), presented their research to the teachers focused on the ecosystems in the deep-sea thermal vents.  Using NGSS references, the teachers connected the research to the classroom and deeply planned and presented a lesson to two different classes of 9th grade students.  This is an example of bring authentic research to the classroom!

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Ever wonder what lies deep beneath the waters near the South Pole?  At the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), local biology teachers are taking a look at Antarctic marine invertebrates and the role geography plays in connecting these populations from South America to Antarctica. Spearheaded by Cheryl Peach, director of Scripps Educational Alliances, along with the San Diego Science Project and the CREATE STEM Success Initiative, SIO researchers are providing biology teachers with authentic science experiences they can use to create dynamic science classes for their students.

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