Eva Wittenberg

I am an Assistant Professor of Linguistics at UC San Diego, where I direct the Language Comprehension Lab.

IN HAPPY NEWS: In October 2021, I will join the the Cognitive Science Department at Central European University in Vienna, Austria. Please watch out for postdoc ads and consider doing your Ph.D. with me in the new Language Comprehension Lab Vienna!

My research has two main objectives: advancing linguistic theory with the help of psycholinguistic data from a broad range of languages and varieties, and advancing psycholinguistic data by developing methods, paradigms, and research instruments.

I am interested in language comprehension broadly as it speaks to linguistic architecture: What is language, so that our brain can process it?

Short Bio

Before joining Linguistics, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Research in Language here at UCSD, where I worked with Roger Levy (now MIT) and Victor Ferreira (UCSD Psychology).

I received my Ph.D. from Potsdam University under the supervision of Heike Wiese, and I also closely worked with Ray Jackendoff, Gina Kuperberg, and Jesse Snedeker. Before that, I obtained an M.A. in Modern History and also, Germanic Linguistics at Humboldt University Berlin and Potsdam University.

Short CV (updated 8/2020)