You can enroll at any time, based on what month you want to start.  You can enroll in one or more courses concurrently. Enrollment in a given course will give you 12 months in which to complete that course.

Registering through UCSD Extension

You will enroll in a specific section of a course, based on the month in which you want to start.  We will be offering one section per month (start any time in that month).  You will register by manually entering the section ID for the course/month you want to enroll in.

Follow these directions — and send any questions to (Subject: CS Education)

  1. Visit:
  2. Click on the Shopping Cart symbol in the top right hand corner of the home page.
  3. Enter the section number you want in the ‘Add a Section ID’ field and click ‘Add’ button.
  4. It will then show your Cart with 1 item at $660.  Click on “Select Grading Option” and pick either P/NP or Letter Grade (up to you).  A grade of C- or better is required to earn a P.
  5. If you want to enroll in another course, you can add that section number below your current cart.
  6. Click the box to confirm that you have read the ‘UC San Diego Extension Terms & Conditions and Student Conduct Policies’ and click ‘Checkout
  7. You will be prompted to create a ‘My Extension’ account to complete your enrollment
  8. Take a screenshot of your final paid checkout receipt and email it to  Dr. Simon will then get you set up with course access and additional instructions.

Section IDs for 2019

Course: Teaching Computational Thinking for Everyone (aka Computational Thinking & Block Programming in K-12 Education)

Section ID       Start Month

143042                July 1 – 31
143044                August 1 – 31
143046                September 1 – 30
143093                October 1 – 31
143094                November 1 – 30
143095                December 1 – 31

Course: Teaching Computation in a Digital World (aka Teaching Impacts of Technology in K-12 Education)

Section ID       Start Month

143219                July 1 – 31
143220                August 1 – 31
143221                September 1 – 30
143222                October 1 – 31
143223                 November 1 – 30
143224                December 1 – 31


  • What if I have already started taking (and paying) for Courses on Coursera.  Contact (Subject:  CS Education) for advice.  Don’t worry, we can help get you UCSD credit even if you have already started or completed work through paying on Coursera.