Learn to teach Computer Science in K-12.  These courses are designed specifically for TEACHERS and address knowledge and skills covered in the CSTA Computer Science Standards.  From Impacts of Computing to Programming, to the Internet – learn not just the content but also engage with and create materials to use in your classroom.   More and more states are allowing Computer Science to count for high school graduation.  As of 2019, in California, it can count as a C or D requirement — more students than ever will be looking for computing courses.  You can be the one to teach them!

Why Learn to Teach Computer Science?

  • 58% of all new STEM jobs are ACTUALLY computing jobs — there are 500,000 current openings!
  • 54% of students enjoy computer science!
  • Solving the diversity problem in tech begins with equity-oriented K-12 computing courses
  • Computing is foundational in today’s data-driven society — for any career path!

Why Choose This CS Education Certificate Program?

  • Start any time: No waiting for the next term or year.
  • Self-Paced: Don’t give up family, personal or work commitments.  Work when you have time, stop when you are busy, and pick up right where you left off later.
  • Apply immediately in your classroom:  Don’t take courses designed for tech field workers!  Learn in courses designed to meet teachers’ needs and take course experiences directly into your classroom.
  • Succeed even without prior experience: Engage with constructivist learning experiences, not lecture.   Learn with techniques you can use with your students.  Re-engage until you are happy with your learning.
  • AP CS Principles: Prepare to support students in the AP CS Principles Explore and Create Tasks.
  • Pay Less: Pay $2,640 compared to online or in-person programs offered on a fixed schedule ($3,000-$8,000).

What is it?

An online, flexible program for K-12 CS teachers to complete 16 graduate quarter units (4 courses), accredited by UC San Diego which earns you a Graduate Computer Science K-12 Education Certificate from the Education Studies Department at UC San Diego.


$2,640 (assuming each course is completed within a 12-month window).


Dr. Beth Simon, Teaching Professor, Education Studies.


(Courses 1 & 2 can be taken concurrently or in either order, Courses 3 & 4 recommend that Courses 1 & 2 are completed and can be taken concurrently). Each course is ~100 hours of learner time. Suggested timeline below.

More on Courses…

How to Get Started


Take courses together as a group — whether it’s with others from your school, district, or CSTA chapter.  Are you an administrator with the County or State Department of Education and want to fund or subsidize a cohort of teachers?  Contact mlmai@ucsd.edu (enables private session experience/custom deadlines, payment options for organizations, optional group final exam experience). Enrollments and payment can be made on a per course basis ($660/teacher + $100 instructor fee per group per course).


Contact mlmai@ucsd.edu to access the $660/year option for a given course. You can choose to enroll in more than one course at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the start and end dates of the courses?  You can start a course at any time after payment is made.  Courses are completed at your own pace (with suggested, but non-enforced deadlines) within a 12-month period.  If you don’t complete within a year, you can extend enrollment another year for $160.
  • How does the cost of this program align with similar Graduate Computer Science Education Certificate programs?  
  • What, specifically, are teachers learning and doing in these courses?  Information on course learning outcomes, topics covered, assessment and learning activities is outlined for each course here.
  • How do these courses align with NES test competencies?  Here is alignment information at the statement level.
  • I want to integrate this into existing professional development.  How can I do that? For group enrollments, designated group leaders can personalize aspects of the class including deadlines, discussion forums, and auxiliary materials.  Leader can also access learner progress and grades.
  • What if teachers need only a subset of these courses?  Each course is available individually at a cost of $660/year.
  • What if teachers have no need for UC San Diego accredited graduate units or the Graduate CS K-12 Education Certificate, but still want to access to the course materials? If so, teachers can access the courses for $160/year.  In the case of a group enrollment, teachers needing either option can be supported within the same group.

Additional questions?  Email mlmai@ucsd.edu